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Open letter from Francis Laplante to Avril Lavigne
“I'm going to write a book, the book of my life I'm”

Sunday 25 February 2018,

Hello Avril Lavigne,
It starts before Saint Joseph Lake where I was already the Princess Stephanie of Monaco, What I've been is what I am currently, challenged by my family, especially Quebec and also, my father has adopted his children, he adopted his children he had with other women in Quebec.when he was Rockefeller When I arrived I spoke English my father's name was Jonny Rockefeller but he existed in the family only, he had another identity and if he had moved to Quebec it was to flee American justice. A thief wanted to steal my father and attacked my father who is defended and was charged with murder and at age 6(I remember the 1976 Montreal Olympics I was a girl it's 1978 I was 8 years old but in 1976 during the Olympic Games I became a boy but the whole society have changed space time I was a boy in kindergarten) I spoke on the phone to my grandfather David Rockefeller in New York and I passed him my father to phone and he sent to my father become Peter Gabriel $ 20,000,000. Peter Gabriel began his career with Genesis in Quebec after getting money from his father, he bought equipment to make shows of lighting equipment and all the equipment to produce a show. He gave his show in Montreal and he trucked his gear to the Montreal airport to make it sound like he was flying in his tour of Quebec. It's been a long time since operations to change bodies existed and I was the princess Stephanie of Monaco who was the daughter of the Queen of England who lived with her father in Quebec and she spoke French and English, since the queen had a child of Jonny Rockefeller became Peter Gabriel the Queen wanting to give me the title of princess since the relationship was to remain secret she made the princess daughter of the Prince of Monaco then I became a music star I made records of shows and all the t ralala but I was not good in my female body and wanted to become a man. I had an operation and became a man but it seemed like I was a shemale and my father Peter Gabriel decided to change my body and became Francis Laplante younger than I was I have pictures of when I became Francis Laplante (I will write my story by end the memory makes me a little lack of year and places where the events happened) in 1987 in St-Laurent city I was in the police and I killed a suspect My friend's drug salesman, my brother, he had a weapon and Pierrefond I was also in the police or I intervened in a flat of boulvard pierrefond at my friend Jonathan I killed by a bullet, he had weapons including a pistol 22 and several others he was a gang and when he died I pressured him to be operated on and be put back to life ... I come back in 2007 with "Britney Spears". When Britney to check my say that I am the "Prince" son of "Elizabeth 2" Queen of England we were at the Royal Palace talking to the Queen and she confirmed my telling me and "Britney Spears" what I pretend but the killers have followed us and killed the queen and she has been operated on and relived again ... In fact I will be brief for 2007 to speak of the landmark event of my history as having been the majority shareholder of a station and shareholder of Quebec television one: "television four season" now "vtélé" and "tva"of which I was a shareholder but not a majority my name in the files must still be included ... I will not speak otherwise little of the story of the tragedy of which I and several were victim that I accuse person and I do not have name to give but there have been heads that have fallen relatives and innocent unknowns but of that date Despite the people who have left their lives I will still talk about the evidence that I have I was attacked by gang criminals I was on a bridge where there was a parking lot and there was a criminal who had been ordered to stab me and said jump to the water it will hurt you less and I jumped. When I reached the water I swam under the water and went under the bridge and he looked and did not see me and he saw me, I went back to the edge of the bridge and asked how can you saved my life? And he said to me, "Do you have a street gang to help you and I say no, but I have friends and he says to me: 'Go upstairs.' At the top there were some curious people and I said: 'How to call my friends and someone passed me the phone and I called my family and also said someone can help me? and there was a radio host who was there and told me how do i get you help and I said a message on the radio that "Francis Laplante is in danger to" ... "if anyone knows Francis Laplante that he comes to help her" ... "and Britney Spears came in a limousine black and embarked with a criminal who was there and in a service station in the United States we got rid of the criminal and Britney leads me with her in his apartment in New York but before there was also otherpersonnalité that there was "Mario Dumont" but I will come back later I became a policeman and a rich man and that's where I became rich and American and it is this oment some time after I met "Avril Lavigne" who was the friend of "Britney Spears" and I worked with in these videos. I was very rich and it is my daughter "Avril" that I share some of my money. I fell in love with my daughter an international star I made love with and she wanted to get married with me ... And with Britney Spears my daughter too when I made love with, I sodomized and she enjoyed as crazy as "Avril" both enjoyed like hot pussies ... but both I loved them we were good together ... I'm sorry for "Britney Spears" but she died at the "Rockefellers" of New York at the grandson's "Rockefeller" and she was operated on she relived ... When I was with "Avril Lavigne" my daughter, I was in the police and we were heroes, there were villainous murders or innocent victims were torn off by terrorists and we had to act quickly because as soon as a murderer caught a victim he committed his act of terror we had several choices to kill and he had to be quick because the killer was killing quickly . I had thought of a sword that we had to cut off the head but we had not used it and I was accused by witnesses of being a sick person who killed for pleasure but a police sergeant who was killing by compassion ... I do not remember the details anymore and I'm wrong because it dates back to 2007 ... In this story, I'm telling facts that were a tragedy that was not revealed to the public if I I'm afraid I'm being revived as being the culprit and I've been in the police force that I resigned after I lost my life and defraud by the police that my story is on Facebook that it is read by everyone and interpreted by people who are not policemen and in my life it says that I am not normal that I have all invented that I am a victim of people who appropriates my life Facebook is internationnal and those who are me, are perhaps a victim of those who call me ... I am returned to Quebec after "Britney Spears passed away she was my daughter and she relived but for me she was dead, I was in the US with the new Britney but for me my daughter was dead, I did not want to be with Britney who was not the same, I came back to Quebec and I was defrauded, I had apartment block and I had one in "Sorel" in the block that I currently live and I got defrauded , I lost my block, my owner currently stole it and I have no legal recourse and in Quebec there are criminals who will never be sued and all those in Quebec and Canada who have stolen will never be sued because nothing of my history has been in court the criminals are not judging. I am in misery. I still have to tell my story. There was recently "Avril Lavigne" who wanted to help me by contacting me on "YOUTUBE" but that did not last, I have too many enemies and he would like me to have never been in the police has...My lived history is true! I have lived my past in "twilight zone" governments have been tampering with the evidence of my life as my father was a secretive man with secret methods to hide the truth. He had the government in his favor, as in 1978 otherwise 1977 if I remember correctly the queen had come to find his son: "the prince of England his son", in Saint-Joseph du Lac in Quebec there was a parade organized by the government was made aware of the presence of the Queen in Quebec and the parade passed on 59th Avenue in Saint-Joseph before being made aware of the presence of the Queen to hide her presence she took the Place of: "Mrs. Miron" the mother of my friend "Roger Miron" whose family was killed by a motar that disintegrated the body in a bath of sulfiric acid I was there. So the queen was "Mrs. Miron" to whom she looked like and the queen was attacked dying and relived like the song of: "The sexpistol: God save the Queen" ...

Author: Francis Laplante

Letter to Avril Lavigne. Letter 1.

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