Avril Lavigne

Open letter from Francis Laplante to Avril Lavigne
“I wrote because i ever you and i lost”

Monday 30 April 2018,

Hello Avril Lavigne,
April you are part of my life that when you were young I was there for you when I was with you, we were with: "britney Spears" your sister I will never forget you. In 1992, 2007 I worked with you to your career that I worked on the design of your videos in 1991 that your videos and your songs of that time you made references to your father who is me ...

I wrote my life story because it is amazing that my life is partly erased because after having lived on several occasions a life of star with my international star girls that I lived with "Britney Spears" several times and "April Lavigne "that in 1991 I was in California with" Britney and Avril "that the mother of my children was being taught of" Maude "my daughter in 1988 I had inherited $ 80,000,000 from the Queen of England I was the prince and I was with "Celine Dion" that we created the career of "Britney Spears" so in 1991 I met "Britney Spears" on the street "of the visitation" in the gay village in Montreal that she was standing on the sidewalk with a white hat on her head that her hat hid her eyes and she said to me: "Francis, Francis Laplante" and I say "yes" and I did not recognize "BritneySpears" and she said to me: "I am Britney Spears "and she drives me to her self, a luxury car and we sat in the car and e She took the wheel and drove us to a crescent street bar and then went to the US at "Britney Spears" that she made me meet my other daughter "Avril Lavigne" as I worked on designing videos from "Britney and Avril" I lived with them and I loved them as a father loves his children!!! my memory is not that I miss a few months of date that my daughter "Maude" was born that when I was with "Britney Spears" it was in 1992 ...

Author: Francis Laplante

Letter to Avril Lavigne. Letter 2.

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