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Francesco Davide has wrote a letter to Lady Gaga: Help
Buongiorno Lady Gaga, I'm Francesco, I was born and grew up... Wednesday 3 June 2020 16h17

Andrea Scalfati has wrote a letter to Elton John: Touched by your story
Dear Elton, I just saw Rocket Man and I was really touched by... Monday 24 February 2020 08h04

cristian becerra has wrote a letter to Elton John: Thanks
Buenos días Elton John, you are my idol i write you from spain ... Friday 8 November 2019 16h54

Elizabeth has wrote a letter to Brian Molko: Words for brian molko
dear brian behold a french yin yang and i would die without... Sunday 25 August 2019 20h32

Jennipher has wrote a letter to Jon Bon Jovi: Lettera
Hello Jon Bon Jovi, I don't know if this letter will really... Monday 22 July 2019 14h44

Fabrizia has wrote a letter to Eric Clapton: A gift for my husband
Dear Eric Clapton, My name's Fabrizia and my husband's a guitar... Monday 22 April 2019 10h51

Francis Laplante has wrote a letter to Avril Lavigne: I wrote because i ever you and i lost
Hello Avril Lavigne, April you are part of my life that when... Monday 30 April 2018 11h13

Admin Publi-contact has commented a letter to Holly Marie Combs
Moved to English version. Don't write again in English... Sunday 22 July 2012 14h48

rubby has commented a letter to Naomi Campbell
stupid girl stay away from that rubbish Friday 16 March 2012 22h38