Open letter from Chiara to Mika
“For the best person in the world...”

Monday 14 October 2013,

Hello Mika
I'm italian but I'm writing english for you. you are my favourite singer, I love you!! I'm 13 years old and all I do is listen to your songs :). I hope you respond to this letter because it would be the best for me! You know, I have discovered thanks to a friend of mine, and the first time I saw you, I just could not stop thinking about you! you are really important and I hope to get to know you ... one day! I was hoping to be in the audience at "x factor" to see you, and maybe talk to you ... But it is only for older:( these days I do nothing to try your concerts here in Italy, but I found none, but I hope that you do the same: If there was a way to see you, meet you, please talk to tell me, because I'd do anything! really! ahahahah maybe you'll look a bit 'exaggerated but really want to meet you, see you live and not just with images, videos, etc. ...!
since I'm obsessed with you all I do is talk to my friends how beautiful you are, good at singing, funny, crazy, intelligent ... all things that you can figure out just by looking! on youtube I watched all the videos in which we are you and I would never stop :) hahaha but now do not think it's a psychopathic eh! hahaha :) when I think of you (almost always) I heart is pounding and I have decided that I will print so many of your photos to hang in my room so ALWAYS think of you. You are special. uhuhuhuh are so happy to have written. I love you ...
your number one fan.

Author: Chiara

Letter to Mika. Letter 1.

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