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Open letter from Fhf to David Beckham
“Ghosts in St Vincent ”

Friday 9 September 2016,

Hello David Beckham,
My mother who was the eldest daughter of Billecocq family sends me to St Vincent from easter 1954 till November same year.
My grand mother, Mrs Billecocq was the eldest daughter of the family Rêverdis, an old noble family from Bargemon, explained me her husband's family sent a ghost from Scotland to St Vincent to disturb every body's nights in the houses.
My grand grand mother was a Ewart from Glasgow.
My grand father, her o seventh son, explained me how to " pull legs " of ghosts. GhostS because they are four!
If you want, I can show you how to get rid of them.
Do not worry: no fees. Just a week end to show you how to fish cray fish, how to withdraw ghosts from the chapel surrounding, how to be sure they do not hide in the farm.
So send me a private phone number to organise a "rendez-vous"
François d'HENNEZEL

Author: Fhf

Letter to David Beckham. Letter 2.

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