Open Letter from Val to Anastacia
“Get well soon”

Saturday 29 June 2013,

Hi Anastacia,

I know I could have sent you a message via Facebook or twitter or any so called networking sites but without being old fashioned, I'm still attached to my pen and paper.

I've never had the opportunity to attend one of your show because I'm living in the North East of France and no one wants to go there (even me, I'm running away as soon as I can!).
Then, I thought «You should go live in the USA if you want to be in the heat!», so did I!
Two years in the San Francisco Bay Area but where was Anastacia?? In England, of course!

I must admit, I don't really follow day by day the activity of people I like and I'm not really looking for meeting them to sign out a piece of paper.
I'm attracted by «souls» and the first time I've heard you singing I felt the same as I did for Billie Holiday or Maria Callas, so, I don't really need to see to feel.
Then I saw you on TV and... Oh my God! She stole someone else's voice! Never would I have imagined Billie Holiday or Maria Callas showing their...navel! ;-)...Can you imagine? No, don't please!...

So, «piqued by curiosity», I watched one of your show on internet and then I really understood the reason of the voice. It's coming from within, the heart and the soul.
I could feel your generosity and warmth toward the public and I thought «Hmmm... I hope she's gonna last long because we need people like her».
Also, you're funny and accessible what is really rare.

When I've heard about you being sick again, it really broke my heart. You're as old as I am and it's not fair. Well, we all know life can be a real b...., don't we?
For having had the opportunity to live in California, I know Americans are fighters and positive people, and, we'd have a lot to learn from them here in France, I've learned a lot and I deeply love what I've learned.
With this context in mind, I know you're gonna fight the beast and you can only win; you're American, aren't you? ;-).
Also, I hope you get the support and love you need to go through this difficult time, I'm sure you're already protected from above and I'm sure we'll soon see your wonderful 56 teeth smile again.

I'm sending you all the positive vibes I can, I'm even going to steal some from my surrounding to be sure I get enough to complete the package and I promise to add you in my prayer's list.

God bless you Anastacia,


Author: Val

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